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PigTrace Canada Preparing to Launch Awareness Campaign

As implementation of the national swine traceability program comes closer to becoming a reality, PigTrace Canada is continuing to strategically build awareness and understanding of the PigTrace program.

PigTrace was very fortunate to be able to hire award-winning Edge Business Strategies out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Working together, PigTrace and Edge have come up with a strategic action plan that will drive national pride throughout industry and in turn, increase adoption of the national swine traceability program.

PigTrace is working to ensure that all industry stakeholders fully understand that each producer is part of a bigger picture; whether large exporter or small independent producer, a crisis within the industry affects everyone.  For too long now, the Canadian pork industry, and particulary Canadian pork producers, have been vilified and misunderstood.  The positive contributions to our country, both locally and abroad, are too often overlooked and its for us to start recognizing industry stakeholders for the superheroes they are.

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