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Forging On

As an industry led initiative, PigTrace Canada is acutely aware of the current crisis facing the Canadian pork industry.  Rising feed costs, the escalating Canadian dollar and a global economic crisis have all greatly increased the hardships of all stakeholders.

Current difficulties highlight the extreme importance of the pork industry to all Canadians.  A recent study prepared by the George Morris Centre confirmed that the economic development associated with the Canadian hog and pork industry contributes $9.28 billion to the Canadian economy.

In order to continue this important role in Canadian society, the pork industry must move forward with crucial programming.

Minister of Agriculture, Gerry Ritz, recently acknowledged, among other things, the importance of traceability for Growing Forward II.  This acknowledgement on the part of the federal government will make traceability a low-cost step for long-term financial security at a time when the industry needs it most.

A Canadian swine traceability system allows access to markets which is just one more way to prove that the Canadian pork industry is dependable and can be relied on to continue as a major economic contributor in our society, even in times of diffculty.

PigTrace Canada knows that industry is filled with superheroes dedicated to protecting the excellent reputation of Canadian pork.  We look forward to working together to come through these difficult times stronger than ever before.

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