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    Reflecting on PigTrace After One Year

    As PigTrace Canada nears its 1 year anniversary as the country’s mandatory pig traceability program, the number of pig movements reported to its national database is closing in on half a million, averaging nearly 10,000 movement events per week. This … Continue reading

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    USDA will no longer accept older format identification for pig exports as of November 1, 2014

    Pig identification on live exports must be fully compliant with the national pig traceability standards set by the Canadian Pork Council’s (CPC) PigTrace Canada program.  As of November 1, 2014, USDA will no longer accept former methods of identification; specifically, … Continue reading

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    National Swine Traceability System Expected Before Pig Movement Reporting Becomes Manadatory

    The Canadian Pork Council expects to have a voluntary working swine traceability system in operation before regulatory changes will make the reporting of swine movements in Canada mandatory.  Jeff Clark says the CPC has its movement reporting database ready to … Continue reading

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    Traceability Systems Needed to Increase Trust in Food Safety: Report

    A new report from the Conference Board of Canada says that without a robust food traceability system, public safety and trust in our food supply are at risk. Forging Stronger Links: Traceability and the Canadian Food Supply Chain was developed … Continue reading

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    CFIA Responds Positively to Public Comments

    On July 16, 2012, the Canadian Pork Council (CPC) encouraged the Canadian pork industry to participate in a thirty day public comment period with respect to proposed swine traceability regulations.  During that time, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) received … Continue reading

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    Forging On

    As an industry led initiative, PigTrace Canada is acutely aware of the current crisis facing the Canadian pork industry.  Rising feed costs, the escalating Canadian dollar and a global economic crisis have all greatly increased the hardships of all stakeholders. … Continue reading

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    UK: Council Plan to Axe Animal Movement Data Slammed

    Possible plans by Cumbria County Council to stop recording vital animal movement data could leave the country unable to tackle disease outbreaks, some warn.  Vital farm animal movement data that is essential in the event of a disease outbreak such … Continue reading

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    Australia: Forum Takes National Approach to FMD Threat

    Foot and Mouth Disease poses one of the single greatest threats to Australia's livestock industries, and an ongoing collaborative approach between government and industry is essential to ensure Australia is adequately armed against the disease.  The Australian Bureau of Agriculture … Continue reading

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    Canadian Swine Traceability System Reaches Important Milestone

    The Canadian Pork Council (CPC) welcomes the amendment to Canada's Health of Animals Regulations, which details the proposed requirements for swie traceability.  This amendment is an important milestone in the establishment of a national swine traceability system. Part I publication … Continue reading

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    PigTrace Canada Preparing to Launch Awareness Campaign

    As implementation of the national swine traceability program comes closer to becoming a reality, PigTrace Canada is continuing to strategically build awareness and understanding of the PigTrace program. PigTrace was very fortunate to be able to hire award-winning Edge Business … Continue reading

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